The P&C Annual General Meeting

The P&C Annual General Meeting is Soon!

So what does that mean exactly?

The Annual General Meeting (AGM) serves two important functions. The first is that all the years’ activities are reported on and the official audit report is presented. The second is that all executive committee positions are declared vacant and a new committee is elected.

This is the perfect time for everyone who is thinking about getting involved to do so. You will get a chance to hear about what the P&C has accomplished, its plans for the future as well as being part of establishing the committee that will ensure these plans are enabled and supported. In fact you might even be interested in taking on one of these roles but are unsure what that entails.

So here to help is a quick outline of what the P&C Executive Committee roles entail:

The President:

  • Provide leadership by encouraging participation and ensuring tasks are completed
  • Act as representative of the P&C both internally and externally
  • Ensure communication between P&C, school and community
  • Conduct meetings efficiently and timely while ensuring all members feel valued
  • Be familiar with the rules, operations and meeting procedures of the P&C

The Vice-President:

  • Consider this position as the President’s understudy and provide them with support and assistance
  • Become familiar with P&C operations, rules and meeting procedures
  • This is a role that helps a person to gain an understanding of the various executive roles and the P&C

The Treasurer:

  • MUST comply with the Accounting Manual for P&Cs which can be viewed at
  • Must prepare an AOP and a budget in consultation with the P&C executive, for the P&C
  • Should be involved in the preparation of the school AOP and budget
  • Ensure proper payment, receipting and records of all accounts and transactions.
  • Make all required documents available to the auditor and work to ensure the P&C meets and maintains auditory requirements
  • Ensure that the Secretary is given a copy of the financial statements prepared for each meeting, to be inserted into the minutes
  • Ensure a copy of the audited annual financial statement is attached to the minutes of the AGM. A copy should also be given to the Principal.
  • After the AGM, a copy of the audited annual financial statements and fully completed and signed transmission report should be given to the Secretary to be posted to the Education Qld Regional Office

The Secretary:

  • Will record, prepare and present all proceedings of any meeting of the Association by way of full and accurate minutes.
  • Receive agenda items prior to the meeting and assist in preparing an agenda for each meeting
  • Communicate notification of meetings as well as receive nominations for positions and new members
  • Maintain attendance records and a register of members including life members
  • Record and deal with correspondence in/out as directed by the P&C
  • will generally organise, record and maintain information pertaining to the activities of the P&C


As you can see, it’s what you would expect from the title of the roles. While everyone is welcome to nominate for any other these roles, we understand that not everyone is going to be interested. There are still plenty of tasks the P&C needs people to take-on. Often refered to as Officer positions, these include (and are not limited to):

Communications Officer: Good clear communications is vital for any team to function effectively. While the P&C keeps in good contact with each other to ensure everything is getting done, we always need assistance in ensuring we communicate effectively with the School and local community. This includes a lot of little tasks from placing information or notifications on our website, in the school newsletter and on relevant Facebook pages to sending emails out to various groups and organisations.

Fundraising Organiser: All the funds the P&C obtains through its fundraising are invested back into the school. This role is not just about coming up with those awesome ideas to generate funds, it’s about ensuring they fit seamlessly into the busy school calendar, are organised efficiently and involve the school and local community.

Grant Writer: The other side to fundraising is finding and applying for the various different grants that are offered by governments and businesses and assisting the P&C in ensuring its setup to access and receive such grants.

Grovely Growers: The School garden is a great place for our kids to learn and play. Helping with the Growers not only ensures this space is well maintained, but also allows the P&C to provide plants, herbs and flowers for use at events and for sale at fundraisers.

Book-packs: Started in 2016, the P&C with assistance from the School and Enoggera News have been able to provide all the books and stationary required for each class for the year in one simple online order.

Maintenance/Asset Officer: The P&C uses and maintain alot of different equipment. Having someone who knows how to maintain the equipment or can assist us in finding those who do is a great help in ensuring our services continue to run.

And even if there is nothing listed above for you, there are still many little things you can help with. These include:

  • Helping out in Grovely Grub (Tuckshop), Grovely Grind, Community Coffee, the Uniform Shop and Grovely Gators (Swim Club).
  • Helping out at fundraisers, wether its cooking food, selling raffle tickets or giving directions, the more help we get the easier, and smoother, everything is.
  • Assisting in the Library, music events or class activities (Your teachers and class parents will help direct efforts here).
  • The P&C will also develop and maintain a list of other small tasks that will help the School out as the needs arise. This includes simple things like doing some planting, some painting or general maintenance. Every little bit helps.

I hope this has helped you see how easy it is to get involved in the P&C and the School community. In previous years the P&C has helped to Air-Condition all the classrooms, provide seating for the garden that can be used as a teaching space, organise the Big Spring Thing – Grovely State School’s 60 year celebration, provided online ordering facilities and expanded the items we are able to supply, maintain and improve various equipment and a whole range of other things. There are so many achievements those before us have done to improve the school for our children. All that remains is what we can achieve for our children and for those children that follow.


Are you ready to be a part of it?


See you at the AGM – Tuesday 14th of March (7pm – Staff Room).


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