All orders must be received and paid in full by Friday 8th December 2017.

Student booklists are set by the school each year and are items which the children require in the classroom for the full year ahead.

This year the P&C have sourced a really great deal through a local business to provide the items from the booklist in full (known as a Bookpack) for each class. This means that you have one easy payment to make online or using the payment form to have your complete Bookpack delivered to your home – it’s that simple! No more running around looking for different items in different stores.

We have found a supplier that will not only provide the Bookpacks at an amazingly competitive price, they have also offered to provide a small percentage of each sale back to the school.

How to order my 2018 Bookpack?


  • Complete Bookpacks are available online through Qkr!
  • Visit Qkr! either online ( or via the Qkr! app available for free download at Apple App Store or Google Play. – click here for more info about signing up ( The best part about Qkr! is that you can use it for almost ALL of your school payments such as tuckshop, uniform shop, school events etc… It is that easy! QKR! is extremely secure. It is produced by Mastercard and Commonwealth Bank so you can be reassured about your security online.
  • Please remember to put your address into the notes field below the delivery option in QKR!


  • Download the bookpack order form for your student's grade in 2018 (see booklist links below) and order complete Bookpacks or a selection of the items you need.
  • Complete the form and bring to the Uniform Shop between 8.30am - 10am Friday mornings in GPAC to pay via cash or EFTPOS.

When will my Bookpack be ready?

  • Bookpacks will be delivered to your home 1 week before school starts (Week commencing Monday 15th January 2018). On Qkr! the delivery fee is included in your bookpack order total.
  • Please remember to put your address into the notes field below the delivery option in Qkr!

You are not obliged to purchase the book packs through the P&C and can purchase the booklist items from any retailer you choose.

This is the third year that we are offering this exciting new way for families to purchase the items they need from the bookpacks, based on the great feedback from last year. The idea is for the process to be as stress free, cost effective and time saving for families as possible. Should you have any questions, comments or feedback, please contact the P&C.

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