Grovely Grind Coffee Shop


Operating Days and Locations

  • Monday mornings at GPAC
  • Tuesday mornings at Tuckshop
  • Wednesday mornings at Tuckshop
  • Thursday mornings at Tuckshop
  • Friday mornings at Tuckshop and afternoons at GPAC

*days and hours are subject to change

*Students will only be served hot drinks up to 8.45am


HOT DRINKSCoffee - Cappuccino, Latte, Flat White,
Long Black, Espresso and Mocha
Extra Shot of Coffee$1.00$1.00
Chai or Dandelion Tea$3.00$4.00
Hot Chocolate$2.50$3.50
COLD DRINKSIced Coffee$3.00$4.00
Iced Chocolate$2.50$3.50
Bottled Water$1.50
Poppers - Tropical, Apple, Apple & Blackcurrant$1.50
BREAKFASTRaisin Toast$1.50

▪ Community Coffee cakes/biscuits/ etc available on Friday afternoons at GPAC –  $1.00ea

*So you don’t have to find the spare change on the day – prepaid coffee cards and vouchers available via Qkr!


Ask for a Grovely Grind Loyalty Card and get your 10th drink free!
Bring a reusable cup and earn double rewards!

Our Coffee

We use a certified Organic Coffee Blend from Coffee Beans Delivered..
This organic coffee is sourced from the highest quality coffee plantations in countries like Ethiopia, Nicaragua, Mexico etc.
Not only does it taste great in any coffee, but you can be proud that there is also a focus on environmental sustainability, local economy growth and consistency in the harvests.
This organic coffee has been designed to be completely robust (not robusta -though) all year round.

Our Milk

A good coffee and hot chocolate needs goods milk.
We offer the following milk choices:

  • Full Cream Milk
  • Light Lactose Free
  • Soy Milky Lite Almond Milk
  • Coconut Milk

Our Services

Morning Coffee

Pick-up: Order your coffee on the way in, and pick up on the way out.
Delivery: Order your coffee (at the counter or ring internally on x358), tell us which room you will be at and we will deliver your coffee. Service available to 8.45am
Pre-paid: Set-up a tab with money paid in advance. Pay here or learn about the setup here.
Pre-Order: Like your coffee at the same time every week or day? We can set this up for you.

Community Coffee

From 2.45pm, every Friday afternoon during term at GPAC, it’s happening at Grovely Grind!

We have cakes baked by our families and hot and cold drinks as well as icy poles. We also have funky rugs and cushions for you to laze about and catch up on the happenings from the school week while the kids run around with their mates.

There is a baking roster for each class to contribute to Community Coffee – please deliver your cakes, biscuits, icy poles etc. to Grovely Grind by 2.30pm at GPAC on Friday afternoons.

We love our coffee, we love building a community, but we also love making dollars for our school. Your purchases at Grovely Grind are part of the P&C fundraising efforts which contribute to the purchasing of facilities, resources and, school activities.

We are staffed by family, community, and student volunteers.

Peita coordinates Grovely Grind and is supported by volunteer community members, some who take on the role as baristas, and others who run the counter customer service.

Our student volunteers must be at least 11 years old and take on active roles including serving, making iced drinks and offering up some great ideas!

To be part of the awesome Grovely Grind team of volunteers, and get free barista training, just drop us an email via or visit Grovely Grind and have a chat about how you can get involved.