2018 Key Fundraising Events

Our fundraising events focus on developing opportunities for the community to gather and connect socially for purpose.

18Saturday17 March 2018Wine & Cheese Night6pm - 8.30pmGPACCommunity Event. 18+
28Friday8 June 2018School Disco5.30pm - 7.30pmGPACSchool Event
33Friday3 August 2018Trivia Night5.30pm - 9pmGPACCommunity Event. 18+
38Saturday8 September 2018Big Spring Thing - School Fete2pm - 7pmSchool OvalCommunity Event - All Ages
310Friday21 September 2018Fun Run (Lap-A-Thon)MorningSchool OvalSchool Event

 Current Fundraising Goal

The rebuild and refit of our Tuckshop facilities.

The Lunch Box – Grovely State School’s Tuckshop – is dedicated to preparing high quality and fresh food at good prices. Over the last few years the student numbers have grown at Grovely State School and the facilities in the current Tuckshop are not adequate to maintain the level of service we aim to achieve. To help ensure our Tuckshop can continue to deliver delicious and nutritious food to the school community, the P&C has decided that its current fundraising goal is a full rebuild and refit of the Tuckshop facilities.

This is a big target and we appreciate all your support in helping us achieve it.

Have you got a fundraising idea, would like to know how you can get involved in our next fundraiser or would like to provide some feedback? Please feel free to – contact us

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