Air conditioning for our classrooms

Since 2014 the P&C has prioritised its fundraising efforts towards the costly project of installing air conditioning across all classrooms.

The P&C is committed to supporting the students and staff at Grovely State School and realise the importance of creating comfortable and safe learning environments. During the extreme heat of Queensland summers, classrooms can reach uncomfortably high temperatures, challenging the teaching and learning environment.

It is up to the individual state school and not the Queensland government to fund classroom air conditioning installation and thus the P&C have taken up this challenge.

It is the goal of the P&C to fund this major project which is expected to run for the next few years as we have several more classrooms awaiting air conditioning.

The P&C aims to install air conditioning in one double classroom per year which means we need to raise more than $10,000 each year.


In 2015 the P&C successfully funded the installation of 2 air conditioning units for the upstairs double classroom in A Block. This has made a tremendous difference to the learning environment of one of the school hottest measured classrooms.

The P&C are pleased to announce that the 2015 fundraising efforts yielded enough money to conduct the installation of air conditioning to a second double classroom. – Hooray!

The decision of which classroom will be air conditioned next is based on temperature testing and the classroom measuring the highest temperature will be the P&C’s priority.

If you have any ideas, support, volunteering time etc that you can lend in order for us to reach our goals, please contact us!

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