Join the P&C

Why join the P&C?

A lot can and has been achieved through the P&C and the school working together towards common goals.

The more people involved, the more exciting and successful it will be.

A great way to keep informed, to contribute to the quality education of your children and to make new friends is by joining your P&C, becoming a member and attending P&C meetings.

Your contribution can be as large or small as you can manage, but your ongoing support of the P&C Association is invaluable.

Not only will you be supporting the school community but you will be supported by the school community, and you can gain a clear understanding of how the school operates.

This is a great opportunity to share in the school’s decision-making process and shape the future.

How do you become an accepted member of the P&C? It’s easy complete this membership form and bring it to the the next meeting.

Please note: Membership lapses annually at the AGM and must be resubmitted each year to continue as a member.

P&C Guide