About our P&C

About our P&C

The P&C is a legal charitable entity associated with schools whose aim is to provide school related services and raise money for activities to benefit the school and community.

At Grovely State School, we manage the tuckshop (The Lunch Box), uniform shop and second hand uniform sales, Friday community coffee and volunteer engagement. We facilitate events designed to bring our community together, and to raise funds for the school and the students. Your suggestions for future events and activities are always welcome, as is your support.

Community collaboration is highly valued as it enables us to partner and promote local businesses and work in synergy to raise funds and awareness of our school.

We welcome and encourage EVERYONE from our school and community to get involved with P&C activities, including volunteering and attending our meetings to help us to achieve our mission.

Our mission is to promote the interests of the school through collaboration with students, educators and support staff, parents and community members and together we support and encourage the school and faculties to provide a positive learning environment where everyone is inspired to be their best.

Our mission aligns with the school’s motto, vision and learner assets:


  • Support and enable the development, innovation and management of school facilities, equipment and environment through fundraising and grants
  • Provide feedback on school policies and activities


  • Respect the wishes and beliefs of educators and support staff
  • Provide a forum for parents and the community to suggest ideas for our school improvement


  • Champion and role model diversity and inclusion
  • To approach any challenges with a positive attitude

P&C Achievements


The major project of air conditioning all the school classrooms was completed by the P&C through various fundraising activities; the teachers and your children are now enjoying much more comfortable learning environments.

2017 – 2018

Fundraising activities enabled an upgrade of our tuckshop, The Lunch Box. Our school now benefits from facilities that enable the creation of healthy home cooked meals.

2019 – ongoing

Our aim is provide a cooler environment in GPAC. Fundraising events in 2019/2020 such as the hugely successful Pub Choir, Trivia nights, Halloween disco and the Colour Run and have provided a great launch pad for us to achieve this goal.


Current Executive March 2020

President – Annette (Neti) Moffitt president@grovelyschool.com.au
Vice President – Narelle McDowall vp@grovelyschool.com.au
Secretary – Bronwyn Collins  secretary@grovelyschool.com.au
Treasurer – Melina Little treasurer@grovelyschool.com.au

Tuckshop, Coffee Shop, Uniform Shop & Volunteer Coordinator – Peita community@grovelyschool.com.au
General inquiries info@grovelyschool.com.au

If you would like to attend a meeting or join the P&C click here.

If you would like to know more about volunteering, click here.